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Most Capable

Custom Styles
you can create new styles and tweak styles to refine a document
check out reviews section for more

Rich Table Formats
auto-format 1000s of table styles

and Everything Else
point-level formatting, spell check, pictures, symbols, form fields, and more

Yet Simple

Works Like an Application
the convenience of a Web site that works just like your desktop editor (this is possible using AJAX technology)

One-Click Web Publishing
easier to create and update sites

Flexible Templates
start with a design template and change any aspect of it within template gallery

iNetWord is the only fully functional online editor

You can edit Web pages and printed documents. It has all the capabilities you need and can replace expensive and troublesome desktop Web editors.

It even works like the desktop editors you already know.

Because it is online, all your documents, pictures, templates, and styles are stored online.

You can work from any computer and collaborate with others.

The iNetWord system is available for licensing. Compare the specifications.

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