The KIBO Code Review by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton

Welcome to the KIBO Code review. Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton are launching The KIBO Code program at the end of January 2020. In October,  I had a chat with Aidan, and I've managed to find out details that they will show a way to perform eCommerce that is unique from nearly anything online up to date.

What Is The KIBO Code?

Aidan told me that the KIBO Code is, without a doubt, the most convenient to understand, the most straightforward, most predictable, and most lucrative business model they have ever taught. It is e-commerce done in a different way that people have NOT seen before.

Each year since 2008, Aidan Booth & Steven C. are coming up with some super-advanced courses, and this year, there will be no difference. Their most massive launch of all time was 7 Figure Cycle back in 2018, which was an enormous success.

However, there were several critical objections that people were worried about when considering buying that course and it STILL did over $11 million in sales during the launch.

Here's a list a few features of this system, which will bullet-proof the system taught in the past courses:

  • you don't require to involve Amazon,
  • you don't need to work with warehouses or international suppliers,
  • neither do you need to run Facebook Advertisements
  • or worry about stock.
The KIBO Code Logo

Any of the reviews you read, this model eliminates all of those objections, so this will be another masterpiece. More about it comes within my unique KIBO Code review scheduled just before the release - after January 22nd, 2020.

What Is This Course NOT About? - Robot Kits and Wacky Bots Coding

Who Are The Creators - Aidan Booth And Steve Clayton?

Mr. Booth is an online marketing and eCom expert behind - his online marketing blog. That's where he talks about what he has been doing to create results for himself and his clients.

Aidan Booth

Aidan began his journey into the internet world almost accidentally. With his wife, they rapidly moved to Argentina although he didn't know how to speak Spanish, which main reason to have his first practical experience with digital marketing in 2005.

By 2006 rolled around, he felt more experienced about working in the digital world, and he was able to set up several basic affiliate websites, delivering traffic to them using Google AdWords. Although his commissions weren't significant, he discovered a new way to make money.

At some point, he began to move the attention elsewhere, shifting away from affiliate site with paid traffic, to a blend of eCommerce and affiliate sites created to generate the most out of Google traffic.

If we fast forward, his business has transformed entirely to what it was a few years ago in 2005. He partnered with Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton and he was only a third-owner of his company. Clayton kicked off as the CFO for a Fortune 500 company, so he truly knew what he was doing with his fantastic planning solutions. 

Before he got involved with new partners, he was aware of how important it was to diversify his business, but he never created a structured plan on how he'd go about doing it. That was the first thing to improve in his new company, and it made a huge difference. Read the whole story about the authors.

Model Compared To The Past Online Courses In The Library

Steve Clayton

Since 2013, A.Booth and S.Clayton have released a couple of online courses focused around eCommerce & marketing , and the KIBO Code will be too. Below I'll to quickly review the classes they have in the library, starting after 2015.

KiboCode vs. 100k Factory, 7 Figure Cycle, Parallel Profits program
  • 100K Factory + Ultra and Revolution update - in 2015, 2016 and 2017
    100k Factory was the three-pillar training course, uncovering their properly-build eCom empire, where they were able to able to sell physical products without acquiring any inventory before. You could choose between drop-shipping or sell things as an affiliate. The account which log in to the members area, access the system, live training, software, community and coaching. Bonus was the 12-week case study covering real insights.

    Ultra edition update (2016) teaches a specific hack that categorically reduces the risk of failure by systematically TESTING which items work on Amazon. There was the revolution update (in 2017), which will improve and fix the cons in the upcoming KIBO Code course review.
  • 7 Figure Cycle - commerce program released in 2018
    After a few years of making the 100k Factory course, they decided to publish a new Amazon based course called 7 Figure Cycle. The main goal is to create seven figures offering physical items on Amazon. You didn't need to create your own website or funnel, there were no long waiting times for product delivery and no huge costs, which were one of the most common snapping points for 100k Factory students.
  • Parallel Profits
    Their latest course released in 2019, is an exception to the eCom training system, teaching their side business model. In my review, you could read it was all about selling simple services to local businesses in a completely unique way.

    You were invited to work directly with team as part of a franchise, which means that you didn't need to waste energy creating a brand, website, marketing materials or copywriting. A full crew was available to accomplish all the work for people through the application and supporting software which enables you to get people in funnel without expertise.

    There will not be many similarities between KIBO and Parallel Profits.

My Opinion About The KIBO Code Course And The Bonus I Give Away

In their latest eCom course they return to the commerce, which is Aidan & Steve’s main strength.

If you do a Google research about "the KIBO Code" or just "the KIBO," you find a lot of guides and data about robotics. Kiborobot is a revolutionary robot by Kinderlab for kids. With the help of the robot, children will have fun while learning coding, logical thinking, and robotics, so here we can spot a few similarities. The new system might do the same for everyone who wants to start and learn, guide you by hand through all barriers, facing all the objectives, and finally reach a final goal - running a successful commerce business.

That was a decision to welcome, and for this extremely unique opportunity, I'm going to offer a KIBO Code bonus at the top of the program at no extra cost for you. I truly believe in Aidan and Steve, and this is the best way to support them.

I want to come up with the bonuses that will accelerate your success with the training. Also, I intend to update the KIBO code review as soon as there is anything new so come back to read my code review and have a tour through the program.

Did You Check The KIBO Training Yet? What Do You Think About My Review And Bonus?

Did you enjoy my KIBO Codes review? Feel free to let me know what you think about my bonus and share down below what you expect from this business model. And the best for the last:

Video of Aidan Sharing His Golden Tips


Tom Snyder

I'm father of two kids, e-commerce expert and editor on INetWord - my personal Internet marketing website. I've started reviewing and publishing my findings in the early years of this century and the feedback I got was really up-lifting.