The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review - Online Mastermind by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson

Welcome to the Knowledge Broker Blueprint review. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson are launching a course on how to tap into the $130 Billion Dollar market using your or other people's knowledge, and get your share while influencing and changing lives.

The KBB 2.0 course launch is coming at the end of the February and is made by some of the best in the world - Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson. For the special announcement of the course, Tony, Dean and two special guests (Russell Brunson + Jenna Kutcher) are holding a Knowledge Broker Blueprint LIVE virtual event! Last year's training went much better than anyone might expected, and I was pleased that i managed to be a part in this event! So don't hold back and register for this unique value packed training.

Register for Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) Virtual Event That Sets New Industry Standards

Tony Robbins' KBB live event

By the way - this huge online gathering took a world record with over a 260,000 people all around the world attended the Knowledge Broker Blueprint live event! Actually this wasn't just some casual training ... Tony, Dean and Russell, for the first time in their 80+ year careers revealed what was usually known only to guys who attended their high priced masterminds. In the training they revealed how anyone is able to make money from a practically "concealed" $355 million dollar/day industry that's projected to even TRIPLE in the next 6 years (as stated in the Forbes).

The KBB virtual event was fully loaded with information about the market, details about the key method of this training program and the MindMint software which is also part of the course. Tony and Dean didn't get a chance to answer (possibly the same concerns everyone who watched had) and that's why they came back with a short video where they address the commonly asked question about Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

So if you missed the first KBB live event and you want to see the replay, or you were part of the live training and just had certain questions which wasn't addressed ... then you have to watch this video immediately! 

What Is Tony Robbins Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB 2.0) All About? - Motivation, Productivity & Knowledge

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB) is a brand new video course in which Tony & Dean show you the way to take advantage of the mastermind model - exchanging yours or other people's knowledge with others, fill their lives and gain the wealth.

The initial name of KBB was actually the Knowledge Business Blueprint. Though, for the KBB 2.0 launch in February 2020, the training course has been renamed to a Knowledge Broker Blueprint, to better present an option to even exchange other people's knowledge for impact and money (as this is what Tony Robbins did with Jim Rohn).

The KBB course is created by a few of the leading minds in business, entrepreneurship, online marketing, and personal growth. Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson, experts behind KBB are known for changing lives and making a great impact while running 7 and 8 - figure businesses.

And every single of these guys has been outstanding in managing their own mastermind events. Moreover, Tony, Dean and Russell have more than 70 years of experience in this field, so they truly understand the mastermind principle.

In this KBB course, they joined the forces to teach you, how to extract your knowledge to make a course, fill an area (either physical or virtual) to provide that knowledge, and precisely how to take care of the events. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. Imagine Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi are here to guide you through like a virtual assistant!

If you've ever thought of transforming your knowledge and expertise into building an extremely lucrative business, the Knowledge Broker Blueprint is the way to go.

Who is this Knowledge Broker Blueprint course FOR?

Who Are The Creators Of This Course - Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi & Russell Brunson?

Tony Robbins is a business expert, best-selling author and a brilliant strategist for basically any type of entrepreneurial venture. He's some of the world's most excellent life coaches and motivational speakers. 

Tony Robbins - author of KBB

Have you recognized what does each one of Tony's abilities share?

They're all built upon high knowledge and skill-set. Tony is an exceptional person when it concerns selling his knowledge, enthusiasm, and expertise. In contrast to many professionals that pay attention to just one aspect (like performance, business, inspiration, or joy), Tony has a superb gift for blending most of that together into a single genuine process. Here are just a few facts:

  • Tony's events have attracted more than 50 million people from around the world,
  • Robbins has reached over 4 million people from 100 countries with his seminars, books audio and video recordings,
  • the companies that Tony Robbins has started and partnered with, gross over five billion dollars in annual revenue.

but it's all come out of this hunger to constantly make things better.

Tony strives to change lives around the world for the better and many of them states him as the ultimate “growth machine”. People forget what a little bit of caring can do for. You know to inspire, to move somebody and that's what change peoples lives. Perhaps that's why a lot of clients disclosed an extreme upgrade in all elements of their lives after trying only one of his programs.

The worth of Tony Robbins is at the moment approximated as being at $500 million.

Dean Graziosi

Dean Graziosi - author of KBB

Dean Graziosi is a New York Times best-selling author, who sold over a million books on Amazon, speaker, entrepreneur and one of the greatest influencers in the personal development world.

Dean has a purpose to influence and assist people not only to secure financial freedom but also to experience joy and results in every parts of their lives. Dean Graziosi has published numerous courses and books. His last one is called Underdog Advantage while the Millionaire Success Habits still tends to be his bestselling book on Amazon.

Much like his pal Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi is yet another multi-millionaire who established his fortune on info business. Therefore, you can feel confident he understands all the little details of what makes an effective knowledge business.

Dean Graziosi's net worth is at the moment over $43 million. If you wan't to know more about Dean, read this.

Who is Russell Brunson?

Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson is another guy, who runs high successful masterminds so it's nice to have him as part of this course. More than that, he is a self-made multimillionaire entrepreneur, best-selling author of Dot Com Secrets, and co-founder of the famous landing page and funnel builder called ClickFunnels. 

For many years, Russel's programs, workshops, and master-classes let over 200 individuals become millionaires. Together, these successful guys create the 2 Comma Club, Brunson's unique club of outstanding business owners.

Over recent decade, Russell has established a following of more than a million entrepreneurs, sold numerous copies of his books, made popular the idea of sales funnels, and co-founded a software business known as ClickFunnels that assists entrepreneurs rapidly get their message out to the market. If you have a few minutes, check Russell Brunson's success story published on Forbes.

So, by now you most likely have an idea about what creates Tony Robbins, Russell Brunson and Dean Graziosi so amazing... However is the Knowledge Broker Blueprint course something you want to invest in?

Since you money and time is valuable, let's dig in my KBB review.

Quick Summary Of The Knowledge Broker Blueprint

What you are going to learn in Knowledge Broker Blueprint are 3 specific parts:

  1. one is, how to create a mastermind - online or in person,
  2. you are gonna learn the process of sharing knowledge through a workshop,
  3. or high level groups like tony's platinum group.

The first part of the course is where Tony anchor in the action steps or the foundation for success, so you don't dabble on this course. He will show you how to create the initial momentum, which is the hardest thing to get of the ground. This section is the best motivation booster I have seen so far.

knowledge broker blueprint course

Second go directly to extracting the knowledge, create the curriculum and fill it.

The third part is how to run an online event or workshop. Step by Step.

And then you have the knowledge broker section - or the reporter section. So if you're not the expert - if you're not the one with the skill, how do you easily work with other people so you can make an impact like Tony did with Jim Rohn's teachings.

In some video within the course Tony Robbins said: "Complexity is the enemy of execution. And with KBB we are aware of that.". So the guys behind KBB are aware of this fact and they've work hard to make this course as simple to follow as possible.

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Members Area & Toolbox Overview - What's Inside KBB?

Inside this revolutionary self-education system you will get access to:

  • 4 Modules of Video trainings 
  • The Power Moves section
  • The MindMint software
  • Powerful Facebook community

Below you can read everything you need to know about of these components, starting with KBB module #1. If you just want to hear my personal experience of going through and my final evaluation of this Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review - click here.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Module 1 - Extract It

KBB Module 1 explained

In this section you are gonna identify your unique ability - your superpower. You’re gonna know the difference between what you are ok at and where are you amazing at, and why you should teach this.

Then you will identify who your ideal client is - who you should be teaching and who you should not be teaching.

You will also learn about Dean’s biggest secret... That are his niche proof tools, that he use in his masterminds for over 15 years. So they are fine-tuned for the release in this KBB course. This tool will make your agenda and your training 75% easier that you expect.

Then you will name your mastermind and define the perfect time schedule of it. So decide between once a week, bi-weekly to once a month, or maybe even once a year.

After that you will focus on creating your agenda.

After you finish this first section of the KBB course, your confidence will be at a whole different level. Even if you’ve never done it before, you will be prepared to execute at highest level possible.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Module 2 - Fill It

Module 2 - Fill It details

This section is the most important part, because even with the best wisdom, even with the best mastermind or capabilities, you will need to fill the room so you can deliver your knowledge.

If you don’t market and sell your mastermind (whether virtual or in-person), then you have great capabilities that goes to nowhere.

In this section they’re gonna take you from the highest level, giving you the philosophy of selling, giving you how to do it authentically, how to do it the way, maybe for the first time in your life, you are going to love to sell. Because if you don’t sell someone, you don’t get to impact their lives and when you look through that lens, everything changes.

In the second part it will get more tactical so you will get:

  • exact marketing strategies,
  • exact emails to send,
  • exact sales scripts, that don’t feel like a sales scripts 

So no reinventing the wheel. This second Knowledge Broker Blueprint module comes with marketing materials, that are different, but yet effective and sell your events like crazy. You will find your ideal client and deep dive into marketing, psychology and sales.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint Module 3 - Run It

Knowledge Business Blueprint Module 3 - Run it specifications

The intro to this KBB module really gives you a motivation boost, which is needed at this step. They really do their best to inspire you along the way. What they cover in this module is they teach you how to run the mastermind event. So imagine everything around:

- what happens after the sale to prep for your in-person or online event

- what kind of emails you send out after the virtual event,

- how do you build relationships 

- how to keep your people and do ongoing masterminds

KBB Module 4 - Knowledge Broker

Explanation Of Knowledge Business Blueprint Module 4

In this module, you will learn:

- what it means to be a knowledge broker,

- the secret of how to get an expert to say yes and be so excited to work with you,

- how to run an ongoing profitable knowledge business.

Additional Features Of This Online Training That Matter

Almost every lesson inside the Knowledge Broker Blueprint modules also come with the:

  • Action steps - These are the steps you need to take with each lesson, to make sure to extract the best of this training and follow the right path towards success.
  • Tools - These are the extra resources to the videos, and are not part of every section.
  • Audio recordings - Perfect if you want to listen training in the car when driving to work or just about anywhere.
  • Transcripts - If the area where you want to learn is just not right, you can always read the lessons. Also, a lot of people tends to learn faster when reading.

The Power Moves Section

This power moves section is a locked segment with extra training videos addressing specific subjects you might need to help you run your knowledge business successfully and profit fast.

The concept is to get you encouraged to start, watch the knowledge broker blueprint module videos, complete the action steps and then move further. If you follow this, you will get you the credits so you can unlock and watch this additional training.

Some of the trainings inside that unlock section are:

  • Dean Graziosi’s training to boost your productivity in the blink of an eye,
  • 2 hour Confidence training with Dean and Tony
  • genius Money Masters interview with Tony and Russell Brunson,
  • The Powertalk with Napoleon Hill
  • Success secrets with from Trent Shelton
  • Marie Forleo Must Have Habits training
  • Dean’s closed door training on how to hire a players
  • And more...

The MindMint Software

So what is the Mindmint Software all about and how it works?

The primary reason of this software, is to make things easier for you to get your masterminds arranged and planned. What this app essentially provides you is that it deals with all of the organising things and paper work at one spot.

The MindMint Software which comes along knowledge business blueprint

Below are the features that are carried out by the MindMint software:

  • Consolidate the money related things  - Creating offers, accepting payments, & fulfilling within this system
  • Event Builder - Build your event using our framework for creating the perfect mastermind
  • Wisdom Extractor - Schedule everything with drag & drop visual builder and support your event with resources, tools, etc.
  • Website Builder - Use the pre built pages, email templates and sales funnels and apply it to your business
  • CRM System - This handles all the customer tracking and sales for the events
  • Event Checklists - Get pre-designed event guidelines and checklists so you don't miss a point & run the perfect event
  • Software Integration - MindMint software integrate with over 1300 other applications and websites and put the automation to the next level.

Dean Graziosi' and Tony Robbins Mindmint teaches you every little thing you need to run a mastermind on your own (whether offline or online). The application is developed to automatically put together a schedule for your event and also deals with all of the organisation behind it.

Powerful Mastermind Facebook Community

The concept of Knowledge Broker Blueprint Facebook group is to discuss your problems and also to share your results with other students.

The greatest aspect of it is that individuals who are part of the Facebook group are currently implementing the Knowledge Business Blueprint v1.0 - they have already passed through the system they will have the opportunity to share their views and respond to your questions, giving you all the much needed support so you don't loose the momentum. The good thing of the Facebook is that literally everyone uses it, so it's easy to build a thriving community and connect with new people inside the KBB course.

My Knowledge Broker Blueprint Review and The Final Decision

In my reviews, I have evaluated a bunch of online programs throughout the last 5 years and I actually believed I've developed a good intuition to sort the good courses from bad in advance. Although I was really excited about Knowledge Broker Blueprint in the beginning when I saw that Tony Robbins is the co-founder, I was really let down when I saw the topic of this particular training - I should confess that this is a market I was actually never truly thinking of. Most likely because I was feeling weird, when I talk in front of people and I was thinking I could never change that.

After I decide to give it a shot, I saw that Knowledge Broker Blueprint training is A LOT MORE than setting up masterminds and influence on other people. What I discovered in the first section actually transformed my view on the business and personal life. Quite possibly we are all aware of the case where you have a bunch of projects running, but not progressing on most of them. It was my everyday habit, to take many projects that were all left behind incomplete, what made me really disappointed. Tony proved to me that just with a few techniques, used by the greatest players and high level achievers, anyone can change his daily routine and become an achiever. This put my self-esteem to the next level. You can't picture what this lessons does to your performance. its just magnificent!

This knowledge that I got from the first part transformed the way I was evaluating the course in my Knowledge Broker Blueprint review. To be honest I'm still learning more from it and I'm just about to organise my first test mastermind in February to get the feedback. I'm just not the guy, who can charge in front and then doesn't deliver enough, but what changed until now is that I feel comfortable enough to stand up and talk in front of much bigger audiences than before.

I am uncertain if its Tony Robbins' power and the huge expertise from where he speaks, but this training provides a great guidance and is built upon an idea that won't let you quit before you have actually completed your work and finally achieve results and profit. You can experience the fantastic energy that absolutely nothing is unachievable and there is someone that will guide you through all the actions you need to take. 

There is an awesome support crew, the FB group plus all the tools and resources which come along with. The course also comes with 30 days money back guarantee, so the is no risk. If you think that this program is not the appropriate for you, then you can get your payment refunded without any questions. I haven't returned mine and I will certainly keep you updated as I go ahead with Knowledge Broker Blueprint.

knowledge business blueprint money back guarantee

30 Day No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

Knowledge Broker Blueprint won't work if you don't work. But if somehow you aren't on your way to true success in the first 30 days, send an email to Dean & Tony’s support crew and they'll simply refund your money, no questions asked. That’s your worst case scenario...

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Bonus Package (Value: $5,175.00)

The bonus package offers tools and extra training material, that will help it to get your business working with Knowledge Broker Blueprint. These bonuses are not just some wasteful materials, just to escalate the worth of the deal.

BONUS # 1: Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within recordings

Watch the Tony’s famous LIVE event and experience the transformation from the comfort of your home! If you want to grow, this is for you.

BONUS # 2: Live Monthly Training With Dean

Get on track to your full potential by discovering Dean' biggest discoveries LIVE every month.

BONUS # 3: Russell Brunson’s Funnels To Fill

Fill your masterminds automatically using the templates that work. This bonus templates are created by Clickfunnels creator Russell Brunson and includes some of the finest marketing tricks. 

BONUS # 4: Traffic Bundle

Get the comprehensive traffic training program from Dean's marketing team.

Frequently Asked Questions About Knowledge Broker Blueprint

1. How Much Does The Course Costs and Are There Any Hidden Costs?

The Knowledge Broker Blueprint training is priced at $1997.00 if you pick the one-time payment option and $2388.00 if you take the payment plan (so 4 payments of $597. In either case you get a 30 day cash back guarantee and you can request a refund with no explanation.

There are no extra costs within the training area to start with KBB, but there are a few payable upgrades that gets you to the end point faster.

2. Will this online course be available after the end of the launch - February 28th?

The KBB course will be closed for new registrations for 2020 as Tony, Dean and Russell decided to focus and work with members who are inside their training.

Did You Check The FREE Training Yet? What Do You Think About My KBB Review And Bonus?

Did you enjoy my Knowledge Broker Blueprint review? Feel free to let me know what you think about the KBB bonus and share down below what you expect from this business model... And the best for the last:

Tony Robbins Sharing His Motivation Tips That Matter To Change Your Life


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